Best Mirrors for Beauty Reflection

Posted On By Garcia

Salons and Barbershops customer always see the mirror after they finish the treatment. It is bad or good, depend not only with the skill of hairdresser or barber, but also depend on the mirror. It is correctly said that mirror could reflect the beauty, means that mirror is really important tools to see how the difference before and after the treatment. This article will give information about best mirrors to use in salons and barbershops to give maximum outcome of reflection.

Aoleen White Salon Styling Wall Mounted Mirror, LED Dimmable & Sockets

This mirror has a best feature in dimmable LED, which consist of 12 lamps (+2 lamps for free).  The dimmer switch allows you to custom the light brightness to suit with your customer treat needed, then through its memory, it can recall your previous setting, so you don’t have to wasting your time to re-set and match with previous need. It is also equipped with dual power outlets to give you more flexibility to charge in multi-outlet strip. This function supports your multi-tasking job during treatment activities.

Not only information about the lamp and other advance electrical technology, this mirror is really easy to install/re-install, and has light aluminum alloy body which is really good for travelling. You can assemble or disassemble this mirror yourself effortless.

Dream In Reality (DIR) Black & Chrome Decorative Salon Styling Mirror &Wall Mounted Station

Decorative stylish style with beautiful black and chrome frame is one of main value in this mirror. The price is pretty affordable and recommended to impress your customer. All of functionality are unquestionable, for example the LED arrangement, holder, frame, and easy installation. Not only that, this mirror will give you one year guarantee to keep you safe to use it.

Dream In Reality (DIR) Chrome Wall – Mount Occhi Di Gatto Salon Mirror

Another DIR mirror with Chrome wall designed showing minimalist European design for modern life style.  This mirror available in Chrome wall design only for one year guarantee set. The frame made from strong stainless steel material for long lasting use. Mirror thickness is in 50mm standard to ensure durability and superior strength. Strong frame steel and mirror make the strength of this mirror is quite high and become a perfect option for you who want to have it in long term usage.

If you have tight space, this mirror is worthy to have because it has single sided station. It also has convenient wall mounts to keep it stick in wall surface in easy way. One year guarantee is included in package to secure the damage incurred during shipping, and protect you in one year usage.