Conceptual Study Of Used Cars Dealership In Raleigh

Conceptual Study Of Used Cars Dealership

The main aim of opening used car dealerships in Raleigh is to provide the city and neighbouring areas with paragon quality used cars at competitive prices. The cars are sold either by finding and providing a customer with the car of perfect match complying to budget, quality and other specifications given by the customer. The second method is by announcing auction for the cars available for sale especially for those cars which are in high market demand.

To be a successful used car dealer following key points should be considered vitally: –

  • 100% customer satisfaction so that customers may be retained for future as well.
  • Measuring the potential customers via feedback forms and surveys.
  • To achieve respectable profits within margins.
  • Put together the team of professionals and train them with evolving time regularly.
  • Provide honest services.
  • To protect the customers from unseen problems before making deals.

Concept of certified pre-owned cars

Certified pre-owned cars or CPO is the most popular form of used car dealerships in Raleigh.These dealers are objected to protect the interest of customers from any unforeseen problem in the car before they opt to buy it. Certified pre-owned cars go through a thorough inspection as it is the part of certification process. A check for essential components of interior, exterior and engine parts is done to assess the optimality of the condition of the car, its potentials and prevailing problems, maintenance check and repairs, if needed.

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The main difference between ordinary used car dealerships in Raleigh and CPO dealerships is of 150-point inspection. CPO dealers ensure the following parts of car to be problem free to be counted as certified pre-owned car:

  • Engine Compartment – engine, transmission, fluid levels, leak checks, drivetrain and suspension
  • Brakes – rotors, tires and ABS
  • Electricals – battery, lights, doors locks, window motors
  • Exterior – body conditions, dents, scratches, paint dispatched, rust
  • Interior – carpets, mats, roofsheet
  • Safety – airbags, seatbelts
  • Road test – alignment, abnormal sounds or smell, engine and transmission performance


The potential advantage of buying a used car especially a pre-owned certified car is that the market value of car would no longer depreciate at rocketed rate and moreover its first owner has already paid for it. Further, the engine of the car is already in run and utmost there are options of true and transparent negotiation.

On the flip side, getting a well maintained car is a big challenge. If the car is not pre-owned certified car, maintenance becomes an issue and the car may prove out to be a burden.