Did Someone Say Free Diving Vacations on the Beach?

If you are planning your vacation and happen to be more of a beach person rather than mountains, then you would have a certain number of adventure sports that you would want to check off your list. Adventure junkies can plan cliff diving, scuba diving, free driving, river rafting, surfing, water polo, wind surfing and many more depending on the vacation spot and what might be available for experiencing. On the little less adventurous side you can snorkel and swim too. If you vacation at beaches with turquoise and clear waters, snorkelling might be more meaningful and fun. You can see the sea weeds, plants, and different types of fishes and corals. It’s a calm experience to have for yourself and you can also do it with your kids. There is minimal equipment required for snorkelling. You will need a face mask for you to see underwater, a snorkel to let you breathe while you look under water, a life jacket for safety purposes, and fins in cases of ridges under the water for you to turn swiftly. You can carry an underwater camera to capture the beauty you see and your experience of it. Most of the equipment mentioned above is provided by the resorts or water adventure places near the beach and if you want to own a gear for yourself you can check it out on the Aqua Villains website.

Experiencing Marine Life!

Snorkelling can also be a great way of understanding the marine line. There are guides who explain about the different types of plants that grow, the different types of fishes which are not harmful and the ones those are, the different colours of corals produced and how it glows; understanding how is all that possible and how they food chain works for all of them to coexist. As kids learn better when they can see, this would be a great way of introducing them to marine life too. The equipment for the kids is also same but only differs in size. And as one mask cannot fit all so there are different sizes of masks as per their face structures which will fit them properly at Aqua Villains. As snorkelling is done in calm waters, you need to take precautions that the weather is good and the waves are less to none. One more thing to keep in mind is to snorkel at places where there are no boats. But when in water it is always good to put on life jackets in case you don’t know swimming or the waves are a bit harsh.