Easy ways of Artificial Grass Installation for your place:

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass is in trend and people look for easy ways to install it in the desired place. It, however, requires professional help to install the grass but if one is following these steps it is possible to install the grass.

  • The process should start with managing the material. Look for the right material that you want to install. These include geotextile weed killer, Stanley knife and requires accessory as tape and glue.
  • Manage the length and height of the artificial grass that will sit and clean the area where you want to place the glass.
  • If you have a large area you might require a turf cutter to clean it and remove the soil present in the area. Compact the area using a vibrating roller or plate.
  • It is required to use weed killing membrane on the area to protect it from weeds before covering with Artificial Grass Installation. This will prevent the area from weed growth and allow vital drainage.Artificial Grass Installation
  • Place a minimum 40mm of compacted sand in the place. If sand is dry making it a little wet.
  • Make sure that edging is in similar to final grass line this will allow run-off of water from the turf. One has to be careful in rolling the artificial grass taking care to not disturb the membrane as it might damage levelling work. One has to wait for free hours that includes a minimum of three hours or it is highly advised to let it sit for overnight. This prevents the grass from creasing or wrinkling.
  • Once the grass in settled start the process of cutting and trimming the grass which can be done with the help of Stanley Knife, making sure the grass has neat edges.
  • It is required to use high-quality glue or tape to adjoin the grass and the instructions are always mentioned on the product label. If using tape apply adhesion before pulling the edges of glass together and put some weight on the grass using heavy materials or stones.
  • The final part is brushing the glass and relax.