How to Get a License for Real Estate in Boston

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The career as a real estate agent is very difficult, useful and economically pleasant. In Boston, if you are interested in the rapidly changing world of real estate, you must take a series of steps to obtain a real estate license. You must be at least eighteen years of age to obtain a license.

You had to finish high school and be fluent in English. The criteria and rules for an agent will vary according to the provinces, so you should consult your provincial council to obtain specific requirements. You must pass and pass the real estate exam. In most provinces, the provincial council is responsible for conducting the examination.

Before passing the licensing exam, you must complete a real estate program. You can take the course in a traditional classroom or online. You can check with your provincial council where the programs are carried out. You will take a series of courses. The first course covers areas such as what a career as an agent entails, including the skills you need and what you need to do to register as an agent. The next course you choose is a more detailed course that includes: the rules and regulations that govern the real estate industry in Boston, the national and provincial laws for the industry, and other aspects related to industry policy. The third course is dedicated to the details of the agent.

commercial real estate license boston

The industrial commercial investment course, ICI, generally consists of 80 hours of instruction in the classroom. The research areas include free land procedures, retail sales, sales of office buildings and sales of several units. The residential course also requires approximately 80 hours of study time. These areas include: marketing procedures, search for buyers, search for sellers, planning and presentation of offers etc. Both courses provide an in-depth study of the real estate market so you can begin your career as a commercial real estate license boston.


Once you have completed the program, you must apply for a job in a broker. Then you must acquire a certain number of hours of work experience before taking a licensing exam. The amount of work experience required will vary by province. Ask your employer or contact the council about the criteria required for the exam. In some provinces it is necessary to complete a pre-licensing course. The time required to obtain a license in Boston will vary in different provinces. It also depends on how well everyone meets the criteria for licensing requirements. The costs associated with obtaining a license vary by province. You must pay fees such as courses, pre-licensing fees and exam fees.