Taking pregnenolone for the best brain health

sleep and brain function

In general, the pregnenolone is a parent steroidal hormone. Of course, it is required to make the improvement of better brain health and also make the male and female sex hormone testosterone. Practically, this supplement is specially marketed for energy, memory as well as stress support. But, there is no specific clinical data and standard dose about long term use. So, it is better to consult your doctor before taking this pregnenolone. Basically, there are numerous pregnenolone benefits to supplement your body’s natural production of pregnenolone that includes memory, mood and sleep and brain function. Therefore, it is essential to prescribe with the doctor and ensure that its usage is properly monitored.

Advantages of using pregnenolone

Below are the advantages of using pregnenolone that includes:

Increases anxiety, mood and depression

The low levels of pregnenolone and allopregnenolone are associated to anxiety and depression. Thus, supplementing their levels can have potential mood boosting effects. It has also been proven to support increase function in the emotional and social situations, control emotions and also minimize the negative emotional responses.

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Cognitive and memory function

Taking pregnenolone can have an ultimate effect in your cognitive function. It greatly supports to improve the growth of neurons in the brain. By simply improving the production of myelin, the fatty layer can insulate their nerves and also boosts their function.

Increases sleep performance

According to the studies, the pregnenolone and its derivative can stimulate the deeper sleep. It can also make it ideal choice for the patients who suffer from insomnia or sleep disturbance. According to the human studies, supplementing with pregnenolone can improves the level of time from which the individual spends in deeper sleep. This would turn to have positive impact on mood.

Helps weight loss

The pregnenolone can also inhibit the cortisol production, which is one of the major reasons for such an effective stress reducer. It also has an additional benefit of helping weight loss by just reducing the cortisol levels. The pregnenolone also has the natural effects of boosting up the testosterone levels that could improve the metabolism as well as lead to extreme weight loss.

Know the supplementary benefits of pregnenolone

As per the recent scientific research, the pregnenolone is quite limited and may provide a lot of specific pregnenolone supplement benefits that include:

  • Boost up the cognitive function
  • Increases learning as well as memory
  • Stimulates the deeper sleep
  • Relives from schizophrenia symptoms
  • Relives depression and boosts mood